Beautiful Purple Fluorite and Quartz Crystal Cluster 257g

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Beautiful Purple Fluorite and Quartz Crystal Cluster 257g

Dimensions: 10.5 x 5.3 x 4.1 cm

Origin: Fujian, China

This is a very unique and rare specimen of transparent purple fluorite and clusters of tiny quartz crystals. A truly beautiful piece for a collection.


Fluorite Is one of the most sought after and collectible crystals in the world, because of its luminosity and beauty. It has a soft and glassy appearance that is often very vibrant. Fluorite is sometimes called fluorspar. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘fluo’, meaning to flow.

Fluorite is also used as a source of fluorine for fluoridated water. Many people believe fluorite has a calming effect on the body. During the eighteenth century it was ground into powder and mixed with water to treat kidney disease. Ancient Romans believed that drinking alcoholic beverages out of vessels carved from fluorite would help prevent drunkenness, which is similar to the beliefs attached to purple amethyst.


Quartz is the most prevalent mineral found on earth. It is found in granite and other rocks, such as sandstone. This mineral has been used by mankind for centuries and has played an integral role in both technology and spiritual practices.

The Ancient Greeks referred to quartz as “krustallos” which is derived from the Ancient Greek word “kruos” which means “icy cold”. Some philosophers like Theophrastus, believed the mineral to be a form of supercooled ice.

Quartz is also the most common material identified as the mystical substance maban in Australian Aboriginal mythology.

Folklore and Healing Properties:

In spiritual cultures, quartz is one of the most commonly used minerals. Quartz is believed to have a specific vibration that can work with all seven chakra vibration levels to assist in healing and balancing. Quartz is found in many different colours and each are used to help with specific spiritual ailments. Clear-white quartz crystals are the most versatile gemstones available, they have the ability to promote clarity and stimulate the body’s energy field.


Weight 257 g